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While we strive to produce these undersized shelties, we cannot "guarantee" their size. Our backyard is fully fenced in with plenty of room to run and play. Size is hard to control and predict even for the best of breeders. because kennel breeders sell the pups for pet when they know they will go over. Your email address will not be published. A well-worked Sheltie will be too tired to chew your furniture! 25lbs. They were originally a small mixed-breed dog, often only about 20 to 30 centimetres (8 to 12 inches) in height at the shoulder, and it is thought that the original Shetland herding dogs were of the Spitz type, and were crossed with Collies from mainland Britain. They likely originated as small herding and companion dogs for the shepherds of the Shetland Islands in Scotland. My Breeder has been breeding for Toy-Size x 35Years & has been very successful. They originate from the Shetland Islands in Scotland, UK. Shetland Sheepdog Christmas Tree Funny Sheltie Christmas Sweatshirt. (The uninitiated often refer to Shelties as Miniature Collies. If you would like a small Sheltie, you are better off just looking for one from a good breeder. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. The full-sized Shetland Sheepdog stands between 13-16 inches tall. Secondly, a disease that affects both breeds is called von Willebrand’s Disease (vWD). Many breeds cross with Poodles to bring their benefits into the bloodline. There are plenty of reputable breeders who screen for health conditions and ensure the health of the mother, father and all puppies until they come into your care. The breed was virtually non-existent on the mainland until 1906, when the first Shelties were shown at Cruft's Dog Show in Scotland. This is a made-up word to describe a dog with an adult weight under 4lbs. 4.7 out of 5 stars 41. In fact, they are often mistakenly called Miniature collies; however, although they may share the same ancestors, the Shetland sheepdog is a distinct breed developed under unique circumstances. Firstly, ensure you consider the offspring’s coat. An active life on a farm or an active urban family will suit a miniature Sheltie perfectly. According to Loggie (1910): the body was long and low, producing a weight of just 6-10lbs (2.7-4.5kg). Why buy a Sheltie, Shetland Sheepdog puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? The surgeries to correct such conditions are extremely expensive. They require fewer calories, so are cheaper to feed. This is what's really behind that adorable puppy listing: Puppy mills can say whatever they want online. They require fewer calories, so are cheaper to feed. They also have a strong herding instinct, which makes them want to chase things that move - bikes, kids, cats, you name it. According to this 2016 study, cross-breeding limits potential breed-specific genetic issues that may be passed down if they are bred with another Sheltie. Both of these breeds are long in the back, short in the legs, and large in the heads. Continue reading below to find out why. Shetland sheepdogs, known affectionately as Shelties, look at first glance like miniature rough collies. If you want to buy a Miniature Sheltie puppy, start here, and visit the kennels first-hand for your own peace of mind. Poodles don’t drop as much fur so you may end up with offspring that shed a great deal less than a purebred Sheltie. If you are one of the people who is searching for a miniature sheltie to buy, you are going to be very disappointed. There are three methods to create a miniature version of a breed. Puppy mills are not professional dog breeders as we know them. They know it's wrong. From shop EricasCreatures. They would also exhibit a relaxed attitude while strangers are around. Miniature Shelties may be small, but they still require a lot of exercise, like their full-sized counterparts. If you come across what you suspect is a puppy mill, please report it and help the authorities shut them down. All Poodles are known for their agility, trainability, energy, and intelligence. 5 out of 5 stars (281) 281 reviews $ 53.00 FREE shipping Only 3 available and it's in 1 person's cart. This research from 2019 highlights the frequency and distribution of many diseases in purebred and mixed breed dogs. Those who breed Toy Shelties today seek to recreate the Sheltie's origins by aiming for an ideal height of 12 inches (30cm) - although their Miniature Sheltie Breed Standard includes anything less than 13 inches (33cm). Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Professor Noel Fitzpatrick at Fitzpatrick Referrals, Patellar Luxation. However, I'm not a breeder. Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? I hav had a sheltie and we loved that breed! Poodles and Shelties both have high maintenance coats that require a lot of grooming to keep them in good condition. However, most by not all pet Shelties are larger and weigh a little more. Look at pictures of Sheltie, Shetland Sheepdog puppies who need a home. They're profit-driven and inhumane for many reasons: Puppy mills never refer to themselves as puppy mills. SUMMARY: Miniature Shelties are bred outside the Shetland Sheepdog standard for their smaller size: less than 13 inches (33cm) at the withers. If you feed a raw food diet, and your dog is young, healthy and active like mine, figure about ¾ to 1 lb of meat and bone a day IF he is around 14-15” tall … They match the Sheltie standard in all other ways. Toy Poodles are classed as such if they are under 10 inches tall and weigh a mere 4-6 pounds. Any reputable breeder will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. A 2015 study explains that their vertebrae (spine bones) are susceptible to disease and slipped disks which can paralyze them if severe. But, Toy-Shelties are not one of them. Helton W. Expertise in Trained Dogs, Michigan Technological University, 2006. Anything under 13 inches at the shoulder is considered a miniature Sheltie by the Toy Sheltie Club of America. Miniature Shetland Sheepdogs were developed in the Shetland Islands, which are located off the mainland of Scotland. The idea behind breeding from runts is that they will pass on their small size to their offspring, but without introducing any of the qualities of another breed of dog. Limb health of both parents should be considered before breeding a Sheltidoodle to avoid lame offspring. A champion Sheltie from the American Shetland Sheepdog Association. To be eligible for AKC conformation competition the dog must be between 13 and 16 inches at the shoulder. From shop SaffronRoseDesigns. Can you give me name of a reliable breeder would like to add to my family ? Dachshund and Shetland Sheepdog, or Shethund, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Shetland Sheepdog, or the Cava-Shell, West Highland White Terrier and Shetland Sheepdog, the Shelestie, Miniature Australian Shepherd and Shetland Sheepdog, the Shel-Aussie, Miniature Pinscher and Shetland Sheepdog, the Sheltie Pin, Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Shetland Sheepdog, the Pembroke Sheltie, Papillon and Shetland Sheepdog, or the Shelillon, Ask to see the mother, and if possible, the father too, Ask for the details of the vet they use and contact the vet if you are concerned, Ensure the puppy comes with a vaccination record stamped by a veterinary practice, Ask how many puppies they produce each year, and how many litters the mom has had previously, Ask what they do to ensure the health and wellness of all dogs. It’s important to socialize your Sheltie early on to varying situations. Asp H.E. housebreak than females. I believe that all dog breeds are a matter of personal preference. It noted the conflict between the ideal height for show Shelties (around 12 inches) vs companion Shelties (less than 12 inches). A true Sheltie has one size, the standard size, that is 13-16 inches and 15-23 pounds. Professor Noel Fitzpatrick at Fitzpatrick Referrals, Hip Dysplasia. One is via Scandinavian fisherman who brought their herding dogs over and crossed them with King Charles Spaniels. Listed in the herding group and originally bred in Great Britain to guard/herd the flocks this miniature collie dog as he is often referred, has both beauty and brains. Bear in mind that standard Sheltie breeders occasionally have litters with undersized Shelties, which they will rehome as pets because they're too small for their breeding stock. Due to their small stature, miniature dogs are easy to manage. Anything under 13 inches at the shoulder is considered a miniature Sheltie by the Toy Sheltie Club of America. So whether you prefer the stature of the American Sheltie (13-16 inches / 33-41cm), the English Sheltie (13-15.5 inches / 33-39cm), or the unofficial Miniature Sheltie (less than 13 inches / 33cm), make sure you chose an ethical breeder - and enjoy your new companion for life. This is true of all breeders. You also have slightly larger American Shelties and slightly smaller English Shelties adding to the layman's confusion.). Miniature Shelties, also known as Toy Shelties, are Shelties that measure less than 13 inches (33cm) at the withers. All Shetland Sheepdog found here are from AKC-Registered parents. Let’s find out more about the miniature Collie next. The cost to buy a Shetland Sheepdog - Sheltie varies greatly and depends on many factors such as the breeders' location, reputation, litter size, lineage of the puppy, breed popularity (supply and demand), training, socialization efforts, breed lines and much more. Females are 50–65 pounds and stand 22–24 inches tall. I’m wondering where I can find one and curious of the cost! Find Shetland Sheepdogs and puppies from Arkansas breeders. They're also a little easier to carry and handle, and produce a little less fluff. Shel-Aussies are hybrid dogs made from the breeding of an Australian Shepherd with a Shetland Sheepdog. The Sheltie Pin is a hybrid breed that combines the Miniature Pinscher and the Shetland Sheepdog. shetland, collies, sheepdogs, sheltie, shelties. That's your first clue. The other other rests on them being crossed with a breed from Greenland called the Yakki. Those with an asterisk are recognized Breeders of Merit who fully comply with the required genetic testing. The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Sometimes they call themselves "puppy farms". But what makes the miniature Sheltie appealing? Miniature Shelties or Miniature Shetland Sheepdogs are not their own breed, neither are toy or teacup Shelties. Therefore, the history of this breed begins with these parent breeds. The diminutive size of Toy Shelties does lend itself to some special features. A miniature Sheltie is not a separate breed. Shetland Sheepdog Sculpture, Handmade Copper Miniature, Sheltie Dog Collectible, Shetland Sheepdog Art, Shetland Sheepdog Figurine EricasCreatures. And they're not doing it to stock the pet trade. If you want to create a miniature version of any dog, then the safest way to do so is to breed them with a smaller breed. Puppy mills advertise all kinds of pure-breeds and cross-breeds online, but you're more likely to run into them when you search for toy and designer dog breeds like Toy Shelties, Teacup Shelties, and Sheltie mixes (such as "Poshies" and "Sheltiepoos"). dermatomyositis and ulcerative dermatosis, this 2011 guide by the Veterinary Medical Association, Love of Collies and Shelties Rescue of SEVA, Shetland Sheepdog Placement Services of New Jersey, Shetland Sheepdog Club of Victoria Rescue Service, Dachshund Gifts: Unique Gift Ideas For Lovers Of Dachshund Dogs. However, as of December 2020, there are no scientific studies dedicated to tracing the genetic ancestry of Shelties.). There is NO such thing as a miniature Sheltie, toy Sheltie, or teacup Sheltie, period. (Ed: With advancements in genomic analysis, we can cross-compare the genomes of modern breeds to find out what happened. Dogs with dwarfism often suffer from painful skeletal conditions. For a more accurate estimate, enter your Shetland Sheepdog puppy's current age and weight into our Puppy Weight Predictor to predict its adult size. Mixing a Sheltie with a Toy Poodle will give you a smart, small working dog. They have smaller mouths and will be at ground level with chickens and other small livestock. The cute factor is one big reason many people invest in miniature versions of their favorite breeds. Also, we do not use the term "teacup". we feel that a Sheltie is the prefect dog for us after extensive research. You'll have to do your own homework to distinguish amateur or backyard breeders from the real deal. My wife and I are both retired and did not want a pet when we were working full time because we did not feel it was right to leave a pet locked up all day long and give it minimal attention. It is not a term used Each method has its benefits and drawbacks. It causes the obvious short limbs seen in dwarf dogs. Their bodies are long for their height. Don't let her size fool you though, she has a tremendous personality! The modern Sheltie standard, according to the American Kennel Club, is a height of 13-16 inches (33-41cm). But puppy farms do exist, and they do a roaring trade in miniature breeds. While miniature Collies are not officially recognized by dog breed organizations, many people are interested in them. My feelings are that returning to a more historical size is well within reasonable expectations. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, July 16, 2019 By Caitlyn Cuthbert 5 Comments. Please note this is an estimate based on typical growth patterns for Shetland Sheepdog puppies. If you look on the internet or in print classified ads, you will undoubtedly find breeders who say they have miniature shelties for sale. In time, genetic analysis will shed more light on this issue. (Under 13 inches tall.) any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. et al, Animal Medical Genetics: A Perspective on the Epidemiology and Control of Inherited Disorders, New Zealand Veterinary Journal, 2016. They need to maintain a specific breed standard, after all (here's why). Contrary to popular belief, Shelties are not miniature Collies, but are their own unique breed. One method is mixing with a smaller breed that can result in smaller, crossbred offspring. This is good to know when you take on any kind of Sheltie as a pet. Breeders claiming to have the extra small Shelties are usually doing one of two things. The Sheltidoodle is funny and playful, and would love to spend hours in your company. Required fields are marked *. Gwynne-Jones (1958) suggested they were so small, they would be classed as Toy Shelties today. College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M University, Intervertebral Disc Disease in Dogs. I too want to know where I can get a mini sheltie! They always advertise remotely (their best friend is the internet, not the dog) so they can give you a false impression of how they operate. Due to their small stature, miniature dogs are easy to manage. The Miniature American Shepherd is a small size herding dog that originated in the United States. Seek a breeder that knows their stuff and clearly cares about maintaining a healthy breeding stock. Dog - Shetland Sheepdog / Miniature Collie / Sheltie puppy 22x18 inch (580x480 mm) frame with high quality RA4 print and mount individually cut to size. They post fake photos, fake certificates, and lie about doing genetic testing. A Miniature Sheltie is less than 13 inches at the withers. A poultry farmer may benefit from owning and training a miniature Sheltie instead of a full-sized Shetland Sheepdog. The same year, over on the mainland, the Scotland Shetland Kennel Club created its own breed standard, which cited a height of 12 inches (30cm). Over 16" can not be shown for conformation. $9.95 $ 9. Toy Shelties are smaller than the official AKC-defined standard for Shetland Sheepdogs of 13-16 inches (33-41cm). Shelties, though generally healthy, are susceptible to certain diseases: They are intelligent and trainable, and so make the perfect herding dog. Likely, a reputable breeder will ask you several questions to ascertain the conditions their puppy will be living in. Having a smaller herding dog is better suited to small livestock. Well?? **We consider our dogs Shetland Sheepdogs of toy size. et al, Breed Differences in Everyday Behaviour of Dogs, Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 2015. But, instead, utilized genetics. In buying a puppy mill dog, you're not "saving" a puppy; you're supporting a cruel dog trade. Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie Collie Miniature Sheltie Canine Pet Memorial Pet Loss Custom Silhouette Photo Collage Wall Art Digital Printable SaffronRoseDesigns. Jolly R.D. Image supplied by Ardea Wildlife Pets Environment Purchasing a miniature Sheltie from a responsible breeder will give you peace of mind. The Shetland Sheepdog as a breed goes back 180 years, to 1840. And if you’ve loved learning about the mini Sheltie, you might also want to take a look at the Miniature Husky! The best thing to do is to take your new puppy (or dog) to the vet to get a full check-up. Find Shetland Sheepdog Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Shetland Sheepdog information. Firstly, let’s look at mixing a Sheltie with smaller breeds. (Ed: Today, a similar conflict exists between Sheltie and Toy Sheltie fanciers, hence the latter's calls from a separate breed standard). Beware very aware of the puppy mill trade. I refuse to go to pet stores or puppy mills. Sheepdog should be small 13" to 16"at the shoulder and weight not more than. You can expect a Sheltie puppy from us to mature between 10"-13" tall. Donner J. et al, Frequency and Distribution of 152 Genetic Disease Variations in Over 100,000 Mixed Breed and Purebred Dogs, PLoS Genetics, 2018. They have the same working dog history, which makes them sensitive, intelligent and highly trainable. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - sheltie listings. Now look at your sheltie who is 1/10 the size you are and tell me why you feel he needs to eat as much as you. I have 5 Toy-sized Shelties & have raised “Regular” Shelties. They stay at almost puppy size forever. Today we'll look at the Miniature Sheltie traits, the breed history, and where to find an ethical Toy Sheltie breeder. In the US, there are professional Toy Sheltie breeders that use genetic testing to produce healthy lines. Shelties are much smaller than collies! Blueberry is the tiniest, most refined AKC Toy Sheltie we have. DNA testing has been done & I can absolutely state that none of the 3 methods listed above were utilized in the breeding of any of these dogs. Pathak E., Type 3 von Willebrand’s Disease in a Shetland Sheepdog, The Canadian Veterinary Journal, 2004. Your email address will not be published. Ami, a Miniature Sheltie from K-Li's Kritters, Such breeders actually refer to these guys as Toy Shelties, Toy-Sized Shelties, or Undersized Shelties, perhaps to overcome the confusion that people have around the word "miniature". Thanks to both parent breed's energetic nature, the Sheltie Pin is a companion … A miniature Sheltie is a Shetland Sheepdog, or Shetland Sheepdog cross, which has been bred to be much smaller than average. This cross is known as the Sheltidoodle. She has two Sheltie babies and two human babies who all smell like popcorn. Home | Forum | About | Contact | Privacy | Disclaimer, Dogs are kept in small, unsanitary cages without exercise time, Dogs are breeding machines, euthanized when they're done, They're all about the money, not the love of animals, They oversupply the pet trade despite millions of abandoned dogs, They breed "runts" to create toy breeds regardless of health status, They forego genetic testing and propagate inherited diseases, They charge premium prices to profit from this suffering, Verify the puppy was raised in healthy conditions, Verify their health and temperament before you commit, Meet the puppy's parents and check their health status, See what your puppy will look like fully grown, Verify if the puppy was purebred or cross-bred. On average, they weigh 22 pounds. One thing that set them apart, however, were large ears, set close together on the top of the head. I've talked to both kinds of breeders at length and in their worlds it's a very sensitive sticking point. Shelties have long, rough, fluffy double coats which require a lot of grooming. Shelties, also known as Shetland Sheepdogs, are working dogs used to herd sheep, chickens, and horses. Becky Casale is a writer and science student. (Although if shedding is a concern, you really shouldn't take on any kind of Sheltie! There are a few drawbacks to consider when breeding a Sheltidoodle. To be clear, in no way am I suggesting that all Miniature Shelties come from puppy farms. It is a blood disorder that results in nosebleeds, bleeding gums and excessive bleeding from cuts or lacerations. But not all miniature Shelties are created equal. Some were more Pomeranian in type and some were larger; there was not yet any formal practice around breeding to a standard type. Another way to introduce a dwarfism gene is to cross the Sheltie with a breed that carries the gene in all its dogs, like the Dachshund or Basset Hound. Given the Sheltie’s thick, long and fluffy double coat, owning a miniature version of this breed will save you a lot of time when grooming. I know several breeders including mine who certainly didn’t use these. Size-wise, when it comes to Shelties as pets, it's down to your preference. Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie Dog Breed Socks Unisex Sock Daddy by E&S Pets. Mixing the two may result in an unruly, thick, curly coat. Shelties can range in size from 12 to 20 inches at the shoulder and weigh 12 to 50 pounds. They enter their dogs into competitions (Mini Shelties do great in agility) and are seeking an official breed standard with the AKC so Toy Shelties can one day be distinguished as a separate breed. Yes, there are a few breeds developed by mixing. But, I do take issue with the methods of breeding which reached the Toy-size breed successfully, listed. The Shetland climate was bleak, the terrain rocky, and the early Shelties adapted to this by taking on traits of miniature Collies. size. Thirdly, both the Sheltie and Toy Poodle are affected by luxating patella. They are great with children and other animals, adore their people, and are very willing to obey and please their owners. The last method is to continuously breed from the runts of each litter, who are smaller in size and will, therefore, pass on their size to their offspring. There are a few other popular crosses of the Sheltie: Dwarfism, or achondroplasia, is a developmental abnormality of the bone and cartilage. I strive to produce shelties 10" to 12" tall, 8 to 14 lbs as adults. Thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you. But even then, there is no guarantee that all puppies will stay "in-size" as adults. Miniature dogs are also easier to transport and handle. Mini Shelties aren't currently an officially recognized dog breed, which helps drive the controversy between breeders of Shelties and Toy Shelties. Any size Sheltie can compete in performance events. I can understand why Sheltie breeders don't want to dilute the gene pool with undersize Shelties. Was your dog from a reputable breeder using healthy breeding methods? When purchasing a puppy from a breeder there are a few things you should ensure: If you are looking to adopt a dog, then check out your local shelters. Our shelties are not only the perfect lap size dog, but also offer outstanding, docile temperaments. It essentially started out as a miniature sheltie breed. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. However, they are agile and light on their feet. sheltie in Michigan at – Classifieds across Michigan. Toy Shelties are smaller than the official AKC-defined standard for Shetland Sheepdogs of 13-16 inches (33-41cm). An critical tangent here, relevant whenever you're buying a puppy - Miniature or otherwise. Further, a smaller dog can herd in and through small spaces to follow stray livestock. A typical sheltie stands about 13 to 16 inches tall at shoulder height and weighs from 20 to 25 pounds, but the average collie comes to about 26 inches at the shoulder and weighs between 60 to 75 pounds and stands 26 inches at the shoulder. Due to this, Shelties will attempt to herd other pets and small children. Shetland Sheepdogs are one of the few breeds with an absolute disqualification on size. Many good breeders who have been breeding Shelties a long time have tried hard to "breed out" the wrong size in their dogs. Another method is to introduce the dwarfism gene into the breeding program to achieve short legs, amongst other characteristics. There are a few specific Shetland Sheepdog rescues: If you know of other great Sheltie rescues, let us know in the comments section! Introducing dwarfism into any gene pool will likely result in some offspring with skeletal abnormalities and spinal issues. Miniature dogs, no matter what breed, are cute. Most of this article is good. I see absolutely no difference except for size. Happy, friendly, outgoing, Blueberry would be an ideal agility candidate or companion that is ready to get out and have fun! By virtue of their disposition inherited from both their parents, they are level-headed and have a well-rounded temperament. I can also understand why Miniature Sheltie breeders want to revert to the historical breed size, separating them out with an official Toy Sheltie standard. Miniature dogs are also easier to transport and handle. In terms of temperament and behavior, Mini Shelties are just like Shelties. Continuously breeding from runt after runt will result in a small, but very weak and sick dogs. They are very loyal and loving with every member of their family, just as they are with kids and other pets, including dogs. The Mini Sheltidoodle, also called Sheltipoo, is a designer breed crossed between the Shetland Sheepdog and the Miniature Poodle. I'm just a companion Sheltie lover trying to lay out the story as objectively as I can. The take-home message—if you're buying either a Sheltie or a Miniature Sheltie puppy or know someone who might—is to stay well away from puppy mills, puppy farms, and backyard breeders. By 1914, the English Shetland Sheepdog Club was formed, seeking to define its own standard based on the island type. Not all breeds carry the gene, but Shelties can carry the dwarfism gene according to this 2011 guide by the Veterinary Medical Association. There is often a range of different size Shelties produced within a litter. She barely weighs 6lbs fat, and is almost 10" tall. The truth about the miniature sheltie. The following is a summary of the history of Miniature Shelties from the Toy Sheltie Club of America website. We do love a more refined pretty face than the larger show shelties of today. Woof! They're eager to ship puppies cross-country, so you can't check in on their kennels or meet the puppy's parents, which is something professional breeders always offer. Here's a list of breeders referred by the Toy Sheltie Club of America. The latter wants to see the AKC define a separate breed category, as has been done for Standard, Miniature, and Toy Poodles. Being retired we now feel we are able to provide the attention a pet should have daily. Poodles come in standard, miniature and toy sizes, making them the perfect choice for miniaturization of another breed. Though not much is known about their origin and history, we can tell you that they take on the positive attributes of both parent breeds making for the ultimate loyal companion. A simple blood test will highlight the gene that codes for the factor of vWD. The Shetland Collie Club was founded on the Shetland Islands and an official breed standard was drafted. However, in every other respect, professional Miniature Sheltie breeders strive for the same characteristics and appearance, working with the same genetic testing and selection procedures as standard Sheltie breeders. Our shelties are structurally correct in a smaller size, the original UK Sheltie type. There’s a reason why the Sheltie was bred smaller than his close cousin, the rough-coat Collie. That’s because there is no such dog as a miniature sheltie. Kutsunai M. et al, The Association Between Gall Bladder Mucoceles and Hyperlipidaemia in Dogs: A Retrospective Case Control Study, The Veterinary Journal, 2014. They are social, smart and intelligent, an… As with all dog breeders, you run the risk of coming across puppy farms. RELATED: Toy Sheltie Club of America Website, RELATED: 11 Photos of Our English Shelties, RELATED: The American Shetland Sheepdog Standard, RELATED: The English Shetland Sheepdog Standard. A fairly small breed (usually under 25lbs in adulthood), Shetland Sheepdogs are wonderful family pets. If your miniature Sheltie starts to become destructive indoors, exercise them more. ), Muriel, a Miniature Sheltie in agility by Holbrook Toy Shelties. But there are other factors to consider before you decide on a mini Sheltie. Then your miniature Sheltie has a good chance at being happy and healthy. Miniature Shelties have become popular recently. These terms were made up by unethical breeders trying to sell small Shelties. See her Pet Owner's Guide to Shelties and her illustrated blog Science Me. 95. The versatility offered by crossing with a Poodle means you can cater to all sizes. on breeding AKC Shetland Sheepdogs that some consider "toy-sized" that are beautiful, happy, loving & outgoing family members, in a smaller size. Just like their bigger cousins, miniature Shelties are likely to be smart and energetic, with an innate herding instinct.

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